It was just a simple day, but it changed my life…

i had a good friend,Her name was Amelia.She had an argue with our classmate.Her name was Jane.She had red hair and her lips were always red. They didn’t like each other.One day Amelia decided to play a trick on her head.I had to help her with that because we were best friends .Jane had phobia,darkness.We decided to lure her in the basement and to close the door.It was nightmare for her and she was screaming. Nobody heard her and helped her. At last somebody found her and helped. After that case she became mad and the doctors said that she had mental illness.

On that day Jane’s brother had noticed Amelia , when she was stealing the key but at that time Amelia wanted to accuse Jane’s brother in that awful story.

Amelia and Jane’s brother were in police center after doctor’s words.Nobody noticed me there.
The conscience tormented me for a long time, and at last I went and told the police the truth. I told them whose idea it was how it turned out . I wasn’t punished so hard, But Amelia went to the prison for 3 month, because several of her crimes came out .At that time i was shocked, because I didn’t know what kind of person she was.

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