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“Gifted”.Film review

This film captivates from the first minutes with its story, characters, and the idea that even gifted people should enjoy simple trifles
Frank grows up his little niece, Mary. The girl is different from her peers and is ahead of her development and truly hopeful. In the lives of Frank and Mary, the girl’s grandmother, Evelyn, appears, who is ready to take the child away from Frank for the sake of Mary’s future mathematical achievements.
This is a very touching family drama that tells the story of a gifted person from the side of happiness and unhappiness.
The girl’s mother, Diana was a talented matematimatisian.No was her brilliant mind and was the cause of the trouble. Deprived of life’s simple pleasures, who grew up with an awareness of its uniqueness Diana was under the constant pressure of his demanding mother. Now Mary is in the same situation
Grandma was once a good mathematician herself, but she made her choice in favor of the family. Therefore, the consequences of unfulfilled ambitions soon returned. And she began to demand first accomplishments from her daughter, and then from her granddaughter. All for Science! Evelyn didn’t love her family as much as she did mathematics.
However, the girl was lucky to have such a good uncle, who left his private life, just to give her a happy childhood. He taught her to appreciate simple things, thereby giving the girl a simple childhood, which her mother was deprived of. In addition, he insisted on a simple school, rather than specialized, that girl has got friends — «if separate leaders get selfish.»
I think for a seven-year-old child an ordinary carefree childhood, without obligations is more important. The final decision for your future needs to be taken at an already conscious age.
This film shows that sometimes giftedness and great intelligence can be a curse for a person!


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