My skills and accomplishments of this year

Hello, my name is Armine
This year my life has changed a lot.

I moved from Moscow to Yerevan and joined «Mkhitar Sebastatsi » Educational Complex
Mskh is a school that is different from others, with educational systems and students.
This year I got new good qualities, learned to run my school blog and write a lot of articles.
I did a lot of projects on different topics.

Absolutely one of the perks is that I chose English classes six times a week. I like our interesting lessons and how they pass. In the schools where I studied, English lessons were very boring, we only read texts and did grammar. Here we often have thematic discussions, listenings, essays on a variety of topics, sometimes we watch movies. Before the pandemic and quarantine, we had started shooting an interesting detective movie. Now our lessons are going as well, we also read a lot, do a lot of grammar, and sometimes we have discussions. So, I really like our English classes and our teacher. I really miss them, and I wish to meet them after quarantine.

I think next year our school life will be more interesting

Here is my English section on my blog, with all my homework,essays and projects.

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