The Necklace

1.What is the moral to the story “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant? What sayings sum up the story?
The moral of the story was, if you will believe in yourself ,and initially understand who you want to be in this life, and work hard,you will rich the heights
2.What happens after the end of the short story, “The Necklace”? After reading through this short story, it seems there is still something more to continue. Would you mind describing what will happen next?
i think Madame Forestier will bring back the necklace,Mathilde and her husband will sell it And pay madame Forestier five hundred francs
3. What is the plot of “The Necklace”?
This story was about a poor woman,who always want to have a luxury life,but she lived like ordinary people.One day she gets an invitation to an elite bal,And she bought a beautiful dress, her husband gave her money. And she asked her friend for jewelry. After the ball, she accidentally lost the necklace, and she and her husband were forced to borrow a lot of money and buy a new one.Then it turned out,that the necklace was cheap.
4. What would Mathilde Loisel’s life have been like if she hadn’t lost the necklace in “The Necklace”?
I don’t think, her life would change, because that bal,was just a dream come true to feel good in this atmosphere.
5.In “The Necklace,” what do you think Mme. Loisel feels at the moment she hears the truth about the necklace?
I think it was just a disappointment

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