Check your answers:

1For the Celts, 31st October was…

  • a. the last day of the year.correct
  • b. a day to be with their families.
  • c. the day they celebrated their music festival.

2That day, the villagers lit big bonfires…

  • a. to communicate with the spirits from the spirit world.
  • b. to attract ghosts.
  • c. to send the ghosts back to their world.correct

3All Saints Day…

  • a. appeared after the Catholic Church had eliminated Samhain (the Celtic celebration).
  • b. was used to transform Samhain into a catholic celebration.correct
  • c. was used to eliminate the belief in reincarnation.

4When the Irish arrived in America, they…

  • a. introduced Halloween there for the first time.correct
  • b. changed the way Halloween was celebrated.
  • c. invented some new traditions, such as bobbing the apple or playing tricks.

5The children wore masks…

  • a. to scare people.
  • b. to pretend they were ghosts.
  • c. to hide their identity.

6The neirhgbours gave candy to the youngsters…

  • a. so that they didn’t vandalise their houses.correct
  • b. in exchange for help with the cleaning.
  • c. because they were poor

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