test English

Dear Ms Collins,

I am writing 1 to express Correct (express) my interest in the position of Personal Assistant advertised in the newspaper last week. I am proficient at 2 typing Correct (type), and I know how 3 to use Correct (use) most word-processing software. I also have excellent organisational abilities as I used 4 to work Correct (work) for a very big company as an event planner. I always tend 5 to look Correct (look) forward to new challenges that can make me 6 grow Correct (grow) in my position. I enjoy 7 working Correct(work) with people, I am flexible, and I don’t mind 8 working Correct (work) overtime. As you can see from the attached letters of reference, my previous employers considered me to be a skilled secretary. I would be pleased 9 to extend Correct (extend) my career by working for a prestigious company like HTM.

I look forward to 10 hearing Correct (hear) from you.

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